Specialising in fine art and portraiture, I am a photographer currently based in West Somerset, in the UK.
Within these pages you will see the methods and processes involved in the creation of my hand built 20"x24" view camera and the imagery created with it.

I have built my camera using a mixture of both modern and very traditional techniques, and have manufactured the majority of my parts by hand, from hardwood and metals.

All of the photographs posted are my own work, unless otherwise stated, and have been made using either ultra large format film, or the wet plate collodion process.
Enjoy, and feel free to comment, question and critique!

Specialising in ultra large format photography and the wet collodion process, I am a fine art and portrait photographer from Somerset, UK.
Artist Residency
Family photo.
ULF lenses:
36 inch (915mm) f4
48 inch (1220mm) f8
30 inch (760mm) f10
Ok, so I’ve been on a bit of an equipment buying spree, but when it comes to ULF equipment, the general approach is “if you see it, buy it”, as this stuff is rare as hens teeth.
This is a 36 inch (915 mm) f4 which was originally mounted to a U2 spy plane during the cold war. It’s now destined to live out it’s days making 20x24 (or bigger??) wet collodion photographs. A nice retirement, I reckon.
Doors begin to open…
Just received this little beauty, she’s a 10” x 12” field camera and has come all the way from India.  
Exposure 47 - Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

Why hand make tintypes? Because we love the honesty of the grain, scratches, comets & streaks. From Devotional Cinema - Nathaniel Dorsky (at La Barbecue Cuisine Texicana)

Well said, I totally agree. The hand made object has a soul all of it’s own.
Here is a scan of one of my experimental salt prints, made using sea water from Kilve beach. Made as a quick test of the formula, (who knows what is present chemically in untreated, fresh sea water after all), I am pretty happy with the result. I will continue with this methodology for my current ongoing project, INTEGRATION.
Check back soon for more developments!
Salt Prints in the Darkroom.
Started experimenting with formulas for making salt POP, these were made using sea water from my local beach. The very beginnings of a new study in integration and environment.
Homeland (2013)
Tim Pearse
Wet collodion ruby ambrotype 117mm x 93mm